You don't fit me anymore.

I gave my familiar back to the devil... Or did he give me back to him?

If he did, Lucifer's been treating me pretty well here in these flames.

He's taught me the latest modern techniques in magick, we've been dabbling in all these new herbs and powders... Explosions and elation, torturous tension gone...

And I am gone from the world, from your world.
I am gone from your hauntings, I have evaporated into the flaming clouds... To rain down upon you with my burning lips and fiery words.
Up here, I'm the lightning in fireworks, partying with Thor and his hammer.

You never gave me the chance to shine like Lucifer does - or provide me with the illusion of thus, like he.

You see, that old story about Hell beneath the Earth's crust - that's all a lie, a fairytale.
Hell is the sun, where I transcend with hungry wings.
Heaven is that safe trap beneath the bland Earth. You want to go to Heaven? Carry on digging that 6 foot hole for yourself, that's where Heaven is.
Meanwhile, I'm a firework dancing in the sun.
Those kids in Fatima got it all wrong! It wasn't the Virgin Mary, those convoluting colours were me from the future.
You have to listen to me, please: the future is NOW, and you're missing it!

My message in a bottle for you sailors of the land, to the birds who used to live in my hair.
The ruby throated hummingbirds deciphered and understood, they soared and exploded into stars of sharded glass - life is best above the clouds.

Ask them for tips and directions.
I'll save you a seat above the sky...

And you have to understand, I needed to take my clothes off to dive above the air. I needed to take and your too-short-sleeves off. Pure and naked atop the elements.
Climb a mountain and I'll meet you at the top, half way, to see how well you fit then.

You can ask the birds for directions.


  1. 從未遭遇失敗的人,對自己或是別人,都是一知半解的。........................................

  2. I found this through the EA forum, and I'm not sure what to say, in a good way! It's kind of enchanting :)


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