I'm just trying to feed the baby birds - this only looks like bulimia.

Maybe if I feed them enough, one day their wings will be strong enough to carry them out of the birdnest. My birdnest. Birdnest brain, birdnest hair - I don't care.

I remember the day the eggs hatched in my skull.
Incessant chirping and squawking
Violent, noisy colour pervading all the blanks
The filled blanks as well as the empty
Violent, noisy, anti-lullabies
The insomniac, the bulimic, the fraud
It's the birds, the birds make me do this!

"Birds ate it," I wanted to tell them. "Birds ate my face."

The magpies caught the glint in my eyes
With their beady sight and hungry beaks
Who said diamonds last forever?

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