If we are 95% our surroundings, you must be me.

I eviscerated myself and flushed my being away.

Disintegrating, deliquescing.

Particles of me dancing with the fishes.

Particles of me reforming, into the jellyfish I've always been.

It dignifies my nothingness; my lack of heart, brain and lungs.

Come and swim with me in tsunami lake, I'll enclose my tendrils around you in an everlasting embrace.

You'll learn to bloat like I have, my fishy friends will devour you like they'll soon be devoured.

The sirens won't sing for you, music is a privilege of the living.

Surgical gills on your wrists, allow my vampiric tendrils to kiss them better...

I am 95% water. The other 5% is you.
I should have been born beneath the waves.
Mummy and daddy could tell, so my name tells all.
Kiss the floating stars in the coagulating sea.
Wish upon the pretty ones, they shoot into infinity
And escape this liquid coffin.
I wish I could shoot myself too.
Or find my home, with the other jellyfish and Coral plants...


  1. Carby! I love it! It just so muffin beautiful, you have your way with words. Lovely, I really have tears in my eyes.

    I'm going to print it *if you let me* and put it in my board so I can read it everyday!

    :O That's your name for real? Really suits you, it's unique and wonderful, just like you ^^

    I saw your post in the forum and I told you that I wasn't let you go but now I'm re-think it, take me with you! *w* Oh, we could visit Bob Sponge too xD

  2. I'm very much flattered by your beautiful words. Big hugs for my Psy. :)
    Of course you may print it if you wish. -Blushes-
    Yes, Coral is my name... How appropriate! I'm teaching myself how to be a mermaid again so my compass can find my way back home.
    If it leads me to you and Spongebob, that's fine by me. <3

  3. oddly heard a thing today about how guys merge with their bicycles in atoms, book by flann o bryan irish writer the third policeman...question on eggheads...also was watching the new guinness ad on the web, its quite creative and life affirming, your voice still sings and my mind always hears sirens , i must have been living lately though, chet atkins, bread/dave gates/billy joel,, but i hear the universe and i am 5 per cent you coral, there is coral in the guinness ad ironically no kidding....a word of encouragement - chet atkins track ..storms never last, it helped me, mind you i have been good lately

  4. my first word was water, i identify with charles kingsley the water babies, i am a water fall, i have a poem too, but here ....water survives, i am in the stone roses song, i am a waterfall, but only cos i drink living water...theres a book in the library about how water is affected by us, best wishes, A drop, or a drip

  5. Isn't it odd that we're born in the sign laced with fire, but feel more at home beneath the waves?


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