Internal Haunting

I remember now...
Today I saw our ghosts sitting side by side, watching the world spin away from them as they silently sipped their coffee.
Did you spin away with it?
Is that what happened?
I watch you turning on your axis, spin spin spinning, so fast it makes me dizzy, sick, nauseous...
I don't spin anymore, just hover; incorporeal and weightless.
Now I'm watching another ghost, soaked in a halcyon day, spinning on a playground roundabout.
The bruise-like scars remind me how I jumped off too fast, my ghost couldn't keep up, so she spins there still.
The halcyon stains me blue.
I'm cold.


  1. Want me heat?

    Haha you like the spin thingy, don't you? Really, how can you write this good!!

  2. When your eyes are constantly spinning, I guess everything outside appears to be too... =)
    Thank you, lovely.


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