The Healing Powers of Tea and Kindness

Yesterday I went insane again, and then I disappeared. I found myself later in a Victorian tea house with some of the loveliest people imaginable. They gave me elegant pots of tea and crystal sugar cubes, sweet milk and a matching china cup and saucer... They even told me I didn't need to pay. Incidents like this restore my faith in humanity. It was beautiful.

My phone is inundated with well-wishes from my friends. I have no idea how to reply, let them know how much I appreciate their concern, so I don't. Even though I want to.

I feel like my skull's too small for the two of me, so tomorrow I'm going in for repairs. I'm terrified. Doctors scare me. But it's for the best, right?

As a side note, I'm really not as annoyingly miserable as I seem here - I just use this blog as a place to vent all my silenced thoughts and emotions. I need to put them somewhere, they're too heavy to carry around all on my own. And then the load feels a little lighter and I feel a little relieved. Smiles.

In other news: I recently joined an online LGBT community
My name there is Coral - hit me up, yo!
It's a relatively new site, so more wonderful people like YOU should join. :)

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Of course not! You're wonderful and a kind muffin. And I love reading your blog, it's so artistic.

    uh, I check that site out another day with more time. Thanks for sharind, lovely.


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